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What are the benefits of eating cannabis seeds?

From stigma to acceptance.

The stigma associated with cannabis and its products is waning. This is a result of the enactment of regulations allowing its usage to some extent. Although, these regulations are subject to various exceptions and procedures. Its growing acceptance cannot be sidelined. However, what’s the reason for the stigma associated with cannabis? This stigma stems from the general misconception that all species of cannabis and their products would leave you stoned. Cannabis and any of its products would only make you ecstatic if you ingest one that has high THC content.

THC is one of the popular cannabinoids found in cannabis. This compound is responsible for the euphoric or high feeling experienced by users who take products that have a fair concentration of it.

How then did we go from stigma to acceptance? The answer to this question is benefits. People have realized that eating Cannabis derivatives like cannabis seeds is beneficial to their overall health and diet. Now to the crux of the article, what are cannabis seeds?

Understanding cannabis seeds

Cannabis seeds also known as hemp seeds are a natural derivative of the Cannabis Sativa plant species. These seeds are noted for their Nutritional and health benefits. Hence, they are not recreational cannabis plants.

These seeds contain little to zero concentration of cannabinoids (THC and CBD).

This might come as a rude shock to a fair amount of people. You probably might be thinking isn’t cannabis meant to contain THC and CBD?  Yes, it does contain these compounds only that it doesn’t contain them in the seeds. Rather, these compounds are found in its leaves, stalks, and flowers.

What cannabis seeds lack in cannabinoids, it makes up for it with their nutritional value and health benefits.  No wonder why, it is considered a superfood by many.

Benefits of Cannabis seeds

Cannabis seeds have a lot of dietary and health benefits. They are packed with a lot of nutrients ranging from minerals to amino acids and vitamins. These nutrients are important to the optimal performance of our bodies and the strengthening of our immune systems.  You can either eat them raw or include them in your recipes. They can be consumed shelled or unshelled depending on your preference. Cannabis seeds have a nutty flavour so it’s easy for them to be incorporated into your diet.

The following are the importance of consuming these small but mighty seeds:

They are a great source of protein

 It is difficult to find plant-based proteins that are as rich as the offerings of cannabis seeds. The proteins found in these seeds are commensurate to the ones found in meat. Hence, if you are vegan or you are seeking to explore other protein options, the cannabis seed is a good choice.

Cannabis seeds provide the 9 essential amino acids which are responsible for cell repair, bodybuilding, skin health, and improved heart function.   These acids are necessary because the body doesn’t produce them. They have to be absorbed by diet.

A good source of beneficial and necessary fats 

Cannabis seeds are a good source of Omega 3s and 6s which are necessary since the body doesn’t produce them.  These fats which are usually gotten from fish oils are pivotal to brain health and functionality. They are low in trans and saturated fat.

They are also important in fighting against mental disorders like depression, schizophrenia, and dementia. According to Highway420, these fats ensure a well-functioning circulatory system as they regulate blood pressure.

Their functions are not only limited to the above. Omega 3s ensure that your skin is healthy and free from breakouts since they are anti-inflammatory. 

Prevention of Arrhythmia and Cardiac arrest

The rate of cardiac failure-induced deaths has skyrocketed recently. This seed is rich in arginine which is an amino acid that improves blood flow. It also contains Nitric acid which reduces vasoconstriction by widening the blood vessels and relaxing the muscles. The heart can only function optimally when blood flow is seamless.

Provision of vital Vitamins and Minerals

Cannabis seeds can be a good replacement for vitamins and mineral supplements tablets. These seeds contain essential vitamins like A, B, and E.

Vitamin A is good for improved vision and reduces the likelihood of having acne. This vitamin is also needed for boosting the immune system’s resilience.

Vitamin B is instrumental to brain health, the formation of healthy blood cells, and the multiplication of cells by making new DNA.

Vitamin E strengthens immunity. It fights against viruses and bacteria. This vitamin facilitates cell-to-cell interaction and prevents blood clotting. It also fights against the damaging activities of free- radicals on the body cells.

Cannabis seeds also contain essential minerals.  Minerals like Zinc, Magnesium, and potassium reduce fatigue, strengthen bones, and reduce muscular pain as a result of muscular tension.

A good source of fibre

Cannabis seeds are rich in fibre especially when deshelled. Consuming cannabis seeds is suitable for those who want to lose weight without being on a strict diet. This is because fibres when taken absorb sugars and fat from foods you have eaten. Hence, the amount of calories you absorb is highly reduced.

As a result of the fibres present in these seeds, the likelihood of you getting diabetes type 2 is minimal. The reason is that fibres ensure the regulation of blood sugar levels and the maintenance of a healthy weight. Fibre also improves gut health and prevents constipation and intestinal problems.

Wrapping up

This little nut-like seed has a lot of benefits and can cater to the nutritional needs of a vast number of people. If you are considering exploring a low-carb or fat diet, the cannabis seed might be your best bet. It also helps if you have some nutritional deficiencies and you are looking for options that would solve them all at once.

However, all these benefits cannot be enjoyed if you do not buy quality and healthy seeds. This is why you should purchase your seeds from a reputable and trusted seed bank like Herbies.

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