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5 reasons to invest in quality electric breakers

Commercial and industrial infrastructures are prone to several risks related to voltage fluctuations. Despite taking all the safety measures to promptly address all risks, there can be situations where one simply cannot stop a short circuit or a fire breakout.

The only constructive solution is having an electrical device that automatically detects and breaks the circuit whenever there is a current overload or a risk of short-circuiting.

Circuit breakers are one such electronic component that can effectively stop a current overload from damaging any electrical appliance or circuit. Quality electric breakers can detect a current overload in a circuit and automatically cut the power to prevent equipment damage. They are used across various equipment in the industrial, residential, and commercial space. As a useful device, circuit breakers have gone through significant transformations to become a quality investment for most establishments. This article gives you 5 reasons to invest in quality electric breakers for your business establishment.  

Circuit breakers: the working mechanism

An electric breaker is a mechanical device that protects an electrical circuit from overcurrent. It contains an electrical switch that stops the excessive flow of electricity. Quality electric breakers are designed to effectively manage various types of currents like capacitive current, fault current, small inductive currents, and load currents.

Every circuit breaker has a safe current limit that acts as the threshold. Whenever any current exceeds the threshold, the circuit breaker breaks the circuit to kill the power. An electric breaker reacts immediately in situations of a sudden power surge; however, there is a slow response if the overcurrent is just around the safe limit.

Circuit breakers provide seamless protection against short circuits and power overloads. The presence of a bimetallic strip inside the circuit breaker detects a power surge, gets heated, and trips. The best part about electric breakers is that they can be reset to their original position once the problem is addressed.

The benefits of a quality electric breaker

Electrical devices can put forward severe risks to your establishment as well as the workforce. A power leakage or an untreated power overload can lead to a fire or expose the workforce to life-threatening electric shocks. A high-quality electric breaker is a necessary investment that can protect your equipment, infrastructure, and employees. Let’s take a quick look at some of the advantages of a high-quality circuit breaker:

  • A poor-quality electric breaker is almost equal to having no circuit breaker. Low-quality conductors cannot react to overcurrent or over burning at the right time and can lead to a short circuit.
  • An establishment with poorly assembled electronic equipment is more susceptible to short circuits and require a high-quality electric breaker to ensure seamless operation. Therefore, investing in high-quality circuit breakers is vital to assure the utmost safety of any electrical installation as well as the occupants in the establishment.
  • The fire-resistant and durable plastic construction of quality electric breakers allow them to withstand huge current overloads without allowing any damage to the connected equipment.
  • The high-quality bimetallic strips can quickly detect even the slightest of power overloads and immediately break the circuit before any further harm is done
  • Quality breakers can last for a long time before needing a replacement. They are designed to be durable even in extreme industrial environments

The best decision for your establishment

Purchasing an electric breaker for your establishment can be overwhelming with the number of options available in the market. You will need to thoroughly assess your electrical installation and opt for a circuit breaker that would configure and operate without any interruptions. To get the best quality breakers, we would recommend you get in touch with a reputed manufacturer and supplier. They would assess your power requirements and suggest a circuit breaker that installs perfectly in your establishment.

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