Sunday, June 2, 2024

Man falls off his bicycle in Norfolk

man falls off bike in Norfolk

By Ian Bred, Norfolk Correspondent

A man has fallen off his bicycle while riding in Norfolk, it has emerged.

Albert Smith, 73, pictured above, was minding his own business pedaling along a path near the village of Yaxham when the mishap occurred.

Mr Smith, a former poultry farm labourer, was thankfully unhurt when he tipped over on his right side after coming into contact with a large hole.

The incident was witnessed by Betty Jo Spuckler, 46, who lives in nearby Dereham with her brother and their eight children.

She rushed over to help the gentleman get up and dust himself down.

Fortunately he and his bicycle were none the worse for the ordeal, and he was able to continue on his way to Dereham market to buy a rabbit for his tea.

“I was a lucky old boy,” he told the Suffolk Gazette today. “I thought I was done for.”

Sergeant Lorraine Fisher, 34, from Norfolk police, said officers had not been called to attend the accident but admitted this was probably the most exciting that had happened in Norfolk this week.

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