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John Lewis dragon returns to burn mean villagers alive

Edgar the Dragon returns to burn mean villagers (Photo: HBO, Game of Thrones)

The John Lewis Christmas TV advert takes a surprising twist when the dragon grows up and returns to kill all the mean-spirited villagers.

Edgar is widely shunned by locals in the ad because he accidentally sets fire to things. It’s only after gifting them a fiery Christmas pudding that they show him any sort of love or respect.

Enraged by this childhood of loneliness and bullying, especially leading up to Christmas, a grown-up Edgar returns to the village to burn the whole place down.

No longer will anyone dare criticise his fire-breathing antics.

Edgar with his Christmas pud (Photo: screenshot of John Lewis TV ad)

The remarkable true story behind Edgar’s violent return inspired makers of the hit TV show Game of Thrones, where a dragon burns King’s Landing to the ground, slaughtering its residents.

Mother of Dragons Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “They may look cute when they are young, but don’t ever get on the wrong side of a dragon.

“They have a long memory and will come back one day and barbecue you.”

Here is Edgar before he grew up to be a killer.
Edgar before he returned to slaughter everyone

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