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Jeremy Corbyn updates LinkedIn profile to say he’s open to new opportunities

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has updated his LinkedIn profile to reveal he will be open to new opportunities from June.

He expects to be looking for a new role after Prime Minister Theresa May today called a snap general election for June 8.

Current predictions show Labour will be battered at the polls, and may even be wiped off the map completely in places like East Anglia.

Mr Corbyn is, therefore, taking no chances about being dumped as Leader of the Opposition, and has carefully ticked the box on LinkedIn to reveal he is looking for a new challenge.

The business social networking site is used by millions to upload CVs and look for new jobs. Recruiters routinely scour the network looking for candidates open to approaches.

A pal of Mr Corbyn said: “He’s quite open-minded about what he could do for a new job. A cycle courier is one thing that interests him, as does being a train conductor – although Virgin Rail would not touch him with a barge-pole.”

Phil Rowles, who runs Bury St Edmunds recruitment firm I Do Big Jobs, said: “It’s clever of Mr Corbyn to update his LinkedIn profile, but sadly his recent work performance will make it hard to find something new.

“However, after Brexit we are searching for thousands of casual farm labourer jobs here in East Anglia. He’d be welcome to apply, but he is getting on a bit.”

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