Thursday, May 30, 2024

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Remainers insist opinion has shifted already and demand second general election vote

house of commons

Vocal remainers say voters who swept the Conservatives to victory last night were misinformed, have changed their mind already and now deserve a second election vote.

Angry remainer Lorraine Fisher, 34, who spent recent years preaching in a social media echo chamber, claims it is only fair that a second vote is held.

She refuses to accept that the majority view is opposite to her own, and thinks Brexit will ruin the country even though, for a second time, the public has shown it wants to get it done.

“I am right and I am entitled to lecture everyone else on social media, 24/7. Everyone else is ignorant, uneducated and misinformed, making last night’s vote morally wrong.

“There must, therefore, be a second vote, and a third one if that one goes tits up, too.”

Stop Brexit megaphone man Steve Bray is now set to shout at everyone for months outside Parliament, screaming: “Stop democracy” over every TV news interview.

Megaphone bore Steve Bray

Remainers shocked that the Suffolk Gazette has the audacity to publish this story are advised they can get all the anti-democratic “satire” they want on NewsThump, The Daily Mash, and the Rochdale Herald.

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