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International Men’s Day set for November 19

International Men's Day

Following International Women’s Day, a special men’s day is being planned for them to get their own back.

Many men tweeted on the women’s equality day: “So much for that… when is International Men’s Day?”

Elderly comedian Richard Herring reminded them that it is on November 19, so groups need to start organising

Suffolk Men’s Liberation Society has pencilled the day in for events around the county.

A spokesman said last night: “The highlight of the day will be the Ipswich Loading The Dishwasher Disco, a light-hearted way of bringing awareness to men having their own way at putting the crockery and knives in the machine without women tutting and storming off in a huff.

“Stowmarket will feature a Parallel Parking Parade, while Needham will stage the Women Must Put The Bins Out rally.

“Back at Ipswich in the evening there will be a men’s football tournament at Portman Road with a special pre-match lecture on the offside rule.

“Men feel that in this day and age, they should have equal rights with women, whether in the home, the workplace, in sport, down the pub, and in pursuits like beard and moustache-growing.

Richard Herring, who is touring the country at different venues from his ex-Lee and Herring comedy partner, Stewart Lee, said: “I do my bit to promote men’s day and I’m glad Suffolk is getting behind it.

“Men are edging their way to equality every day but there is still a long way to go before men feel comfortable on a Spa Day.”

The news follows our revelation yesterday that a man had remarked an International Women’s Day banner needed ironing.

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