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Ingenious Storage Solutions for Your Home

Modern homes seem to be getting smaller each year as space becomes a premium. The UK housing market is in something of a crisis right now, with rising prices making it incredibly difficult for people to get on the ladder. Rent prices are also increasing each year, and many people are struggling to get by in homes that are too small for them and their family.

Ingenious Storage Solutions for Your Home

While there’s no secret to making your home bigger, there is at least a way for you to maximise the space that you have. Storage is the answer to your problem, and there are loads of different ways you can store all your things to give you more space to enjoy your home. Below are some of the best storage solutions.

Hanging Storage

You don’t necessarily need to keep all of your things hidden away in boxes and drawers. Sometimes, you need to have regular access to your items, and this is where hanging storage is ideal. Rather than tidying everything away, you can display the things you use often by using pegboards or hooks.

Pegboards can be placed anywhere in your home and offer a novel way to store items in plain sight. You can use them to store just about anything, including pots and pans. However, they take usually take up a lot of space. Screw hooks are great for hanging clothes or useful items that you want to have easy access to. They take up a lot less space so they’re ideal for most homes.

Make the Most of Windowsills

Most homes feature windowsills and these are often underutilised. Rather than leaving these bare, make sure you put them to good use. Your windows are normally the focal point of the room, letting in natural light to create a comfortable living space. You can place your favourite items on your windowsills to display them in full light.

House plants are especially suited to windowsills, where they’ll benefit from all the light. Other great items you can place here include picture frames and general trinkets. It’s also possible to combine hanging storage with your windowsills to maximise your storage space.

Use High Shelves

Shelves are an excellent way to store items in your home, and even a small shelving unit can hold a deceptive number of things. However, if you really want to maximise the space you have, it’s important to make sure your shelves reach as high as possible. Floor to ceiling shelving units are great for holding countless books, knick knacks and assorted valuables.

Aside from ensuring you have your walls filled with shelves, you can also make the most of space that’s often ignored. For example, most people leave the space above their doors bare. This is a great spot for more shelves, just make sure you have a way to reach them if you ever need anything.

Use Furniture with Multiple Functions

The best pieces of furniture you can buy are those that do more than one thing. When you’re trying to save space and store more things, make sure you look for pieces that include storage space. You can find lots of chairs, beds, and even sofas that have built in space for storage. These hidden compartments are a great way to reduce clutter around your home and increase the amount of storage you have.

Best of all, it’s not immediately obvious that you’re using them for storage, so your home will look a lot roomier. Of course, you may not always be able to access your items if the furniture is being used, so bear this in mind before you buy.

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