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How men can style sportswear for the office

In most offices staff are encouraged to wear smart casual clothes, with many men opting for suit jackets and shirts without the tie. However, over recent years the focus has been on being comfortable and able to transition from work to after-work clothes easily.

One great way to combine style with comfort is to start wearing sports clothing to the office. This might seem unacceptable, but over the year activewear has become smarter and more popular with office workers. By wearing your gym clothes to the office, you can save yourself time after work changing before the gym and feel more comfortable during the day, as opposed to having to suffer in stuffy suits and restricting shirts with tight collars then change after work.

Smart casual office wear can be tricky to pull off, and being smart in today’s corporate environment revolves around being fashionable as well as comfortable, so sports clothing is the perfect way to combine the two. Activewear has become a key focus for many brands and consumers, making it one of 2019’s hottest fashion trends. Incorporating it into your work wardrobe can be tricky, so here are some tips on how you can make sportswear a key part of your work wardrobe.  

Choose Big Brands For Quality

It’s always tempting to pick up cheap clothes, particularly if you know you’re only going to be throwing them on to go to the gym and get sweaty in, but for activewear, you’re going to wear to the office make sure you buy quality. This will not only ensure that your clothes last longer, but also help the environment, as you won’t be replacing them so often. Choose a retailer selling clothes from a number of brands so that you can explore all the options before you make your decisions and find the perfect activewear to suit your needs and personal style.

Don’t Wear Bright Colours

Neon bright clothes are prevalent in many activewear collections but they’re too bold for working in an office environment, so instead choose more muted tones. If you’re bored of the usual black, white and grey then choose navy blue, deep red or even dark purple to give you a masculine yet unique look that’ll really stand out from the crowd.

Fitted Clothes Look Smarter

Many gymgoers throw on a baggy t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms so that they feel free and able to move while they workout, but for the office select fitted styles of activewear, such as a fitted t-shirt that will give you a more refined style and keep you looking smart. Trousers should be less restricting but can still be neat with elasticated cuffs and fitted fabrics along the legs to give you a more presentable appearance.

Wear Fashionable Footwear

When you go to the gym it can be tempting to just chuck on any old shoes that are lying around, but for the office make sure you have clean and stylish footwear. Trainers are perfectly respectable for work as long as they look good, so check out the designer collection at SSENSE to find some stylish Fendi kicks that will leave you looking great and feeling comfortable.

Dress Up Your Outfit With Accessories

If you think your sportswear looks too casual for the office then consider using stylish accessories such as a luxury watch to enhance your appearance. By wearing one smart item of clothing you can lift your entire outfit, and using an accessory is an easy way to look presentable and still feel comfortable in your activewear.

Layer Activewear With Office Classics

One easy way to combine sportswear with the office environment is to wear your activewear with a stylish suit jacket so that you can make a distinctive impression. Mixing your formal attire with more casual sportswear will create the perfect smart casual outfit, and you can easily remove any office clothes for when you want to pop to the gym for a quick workout at the end of the day.

Keep Everything Else Casual

Make sure that your entire outfit matches; if you’re wearing casual clothes then keep your hair casual too so that you don’t look out of place. Be well-groomed and tidy without being too neat if you want a casual, relaxed look that will see you through from the office to the gym.

Don’t Take The Sportswear Trend Too Far The most important rule when dressing for the office is to make sure that you look smart and presentable. As this article proves, this can be achieved even whilst wearing activewear, but don’t take it too far or you will end up being the punchline of your colleague’s jokes. Whilst you can look to the wider fashion community for inspiration, make sure that you remember that catwalk fashion isn’t always suitable for the office and tailor what you see to your work environment. Choose more muted colours and clothing with less ostentatious branding for the office, then save the bright, logo covered clothes for after work.

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