Tuesday, April 2, 2024

New Hong Kong to be rebuilt off Suffolk in extraordinary snub to China

Hong Kong moving to Suffolk
An exact replica of Hong Kong will be built off Suffolk

A full-sized replica of Hong Kong will be built off Felixstowe so all repressed residents can move from the Far East to sleepy Suffolk.

The British Government scheme is expected to infuriate China, which is putting further pressure and claims on the former British territory.

Hundreds of tower blocks and thousands of properties will be built on land reclaimed from the sea – enough space for all of Hong Kong’s 7.4 million residents to move into.

And an international airport will be developed off Felixstowe, while Felixstowe Port will also be included, offering beneficial customs and tax incentives.

Work will begin on the new territory, which will be fully autonomous with its own police and customs authority, next year.

Government spokesperson Lorraine Fisher, 34, explained: “The idea is that the good people of Hong Kong will be able to live a repression-free life in familiar buildings and infrastructure.

“Moving from the Far East to settle off East Anglia means Hong Kong can once again become an economic and strategic force – but without Chinese interference.

“The people of Hong Kong might need to get used to a change in the weather but other than that, everything will be just how they want it.”

The future night-time view of Hong Kong from the Suffolk coast
The future night-time view of Hong Kong from the Suffolk coast

Where now Hong Kong is known as the gateway to the east and China, it will become the new gateway to East Anglia.

The new Hong Kong will feature an international airport, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson keen to rejuvenate his Boris Island Airport idea, switching it from the Thames Estuary to the North Sea.

It is expected Suffolk housebuilders will be given the first opportunity to bid on the building projects.

Government sources say the money spent will be repaid within 25 years from a small tax on New Hong Kong’s international trade.

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