Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Boris Johnson adds pavements to the many things he has mounted

Boris Johnson mount pavement
Boris Johnson and pavement (Photo: European Cyclists Federation, licensed under CC BY 2.0)

By Bernie Legg, Cycling Correspondent

After a lifetime of mounting women, Boris Johnson now admits to mounting pavements as well.

The Prime Minister said mounting pavements was the naughtiest things he had ever done, in an interview with Sky’s Sophy Ridge.

Political observers suggested mounting women who were not his wife was probably naughtier than mounting a pavement.

“But it just goes to show that Boris will mount anything,” said political activist Lorraine Fisher, 34.

“Now, it’s becoming increasingly clear than Boris will f*ck the whole country in five days time.”

However, Conservative campaigners played down the admission.

One said: “Mounting a pavement surely is not as bad as running through a field of wheat?”

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