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Foursome farmer gags Suffolk Gazette

By Sue Moore, Legal Correspondent

A wealthy farmer who had a sleazy foursome with a Miss Whiplash and two sheep has won an injunction against The Suffolk Gazette to stop us revealing his name.

We have also been forced to black-out the faces of the farmer and one of the sheep in our exclusive picture.

The adulterous farmer was named in court only as BJS, the dominatrix as SNM and the sheep as BAA1 and BAA2.

The four met regularly for sordid encounters in a field near Needham Market, where squeals and bleating were heard by residents.

But when SNM brought incriminating photos and racy text messages to The Suffolk Gazette, BJS went to the Appeal Court in London where Lord Justice Whyff-O’Skandall made an interim injunction to block publication in England and Wales.

farmer-Foursome Gagged: The Suffolk Gazette is forced to hide the identity of farmer and sheep

The farmer, from rural Norfolk, crossed the county border to meet SNM, who lives in Stowmarket, after seeing pictures of her swishing a whip while wearing a black leather mankini on an internet bondage site.

The dominatrix asked BJS if he wanted any special services and he said: “Yes, two sheep.”

The four went for a drink at Wetherspoons, then headed for the field where the acts took place. They carried on their illicit relationships for about a year, then SNM decided to whip and tell. A lawyer for BJS said the story would invade the farmer’s privates and affect his wife and two children.

The Suffolk Gazette is trying to overturn the farmer injunction after the mystery couple and the sheep were named and photographed in agriculture magazines in the USA and Scotland, where the legal restrictions do not apply.

Rumours of his identity have also been swirling around Twitter and other social networking sites like Farming Weekly Forum.

“We will not be gagged,” said a spokesman for the Suffolk Gazette. “This story is in the pubic interest.”

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