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Horse race betting explained

Horse races and betting is a love story that’s been going on for centuries. Going to the races has almost always been associated with betting. From regular punters to the elite, the world stakes billions on horse races each year.

Of course, before you go deeper in horse betting, you need to understand the basics first. The art of horse race betting isn’t something you can learn in a day or two. It takes a lot of learning and practice, so it’s safe to say that you won’t be able to make money right off the bat.

Almost all horse racing betting offers are pari-mutuel bets. This means that the prize money is shared proportionally among the winners. According to estimates, there are over $100 billion of bets placed on horse races annually which makes it quite a lucrative industry. There’s a lot of money to be made in horse racing, but only if you’re patient and stake on the right bets.

Horse Race Betting Basics

Before you go deeper into horse betting, you need to learn more about your favourite’s form. Factors such as the horse’s diet, constitution, soundness, and proneness to injuries may all make or break an excellent racehorse. Even if a bookie favours one horse rather than others, you should check all other competitors before you make a decision.

The race card is another thing to consider. If you can’t read it, chances are you won’t be able to place a proper bet. For those of you unaware, it is a printed card used in horse racing that provides information about the races and horses that compete in each. Race cards are often published in newspapers and contain information such as the horse’s name, weight, age, and its recent form (among other things). Learn how to read the race card and things will be much simpler when you decide to bet.

How to Win at Horse Race Betting

Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to place your stake. First, you’ll need to pick a race and trust us, options are aplenty. You can bet on local races and worldwide cups – it’s just a question of how good the odds are. Choose your races carefully and just like in any sport, don’t trust the favourite only. Anything can happen in a horse race, and it’s not always the best horse that wins.

As a matter of fact, there have been many long shots in races such as the Kentucky Derby that have stunned punters and the public. For example, Donerail, the 1913 Kentucky Derby winner, won at odds of 91-1, which, as you can guess, made many people pretty rich.

Before you even consider placing a bet, you’ll have to set limits for yourself. Horse race betting, like all types of betting, can be highly addictive. You will find yourself chasing your losses after a short time if you aren’t careful with your budget, and you don’t want that to happen. Chasing your losses will put you in perpetual failure, with mounting debts you can’t get out of. Stay within your daily, weekly or monthly budget, though, and this won’t happen. Never go over the limit and remember – do it for fun, not for money.

Once you’re all set and ready to go, place a bet on your favourite and watch the race. You can do this either by visiting the racetrack which is the way to go or place a bet online and watch a stream of the race. Of course, if the operator has it. All that’s left is to wait and see if your horse wins. With each win, you’ll get better and better at it, which will hopefully translate to bigger and better wins.

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