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Drivers hunting fuel tail slurry tanker, get covered in manure

Slurry tanker
Potato farmer Maurice Piper’s slurry tanker covered tailing motorists

By Ian Bred, Norfolk Correspondent

Drivers who thought a Norfolk slurry tanker was carrying petrol were covered in manure when they followed it into a field.

The motorists got a filthy shock when they were sprayed with the foul slurry just outside Dereham.

Cops say they had been following the tanker for three miles, thinking it was full of fuel and on its way to supply a local garage.

But even when it turned into a field, the Norfolk drivers still didn’t cotton on.

Potato farmer Maurice Piper said: “My tractor driver hadn’t seen the cars behind him and turned on the muck spreader.

“Very quickly, four cars were covered in you-know-what. Three managed to drive away, clearing the windscreen as they went.

“But one got stuck in the field. It was a convertible Audi and the driver was covered from head to toe.

“We towed her out once we had finished work.”

One of the hapless drivers was Bubba Spuckler, who lives in Downham Market with his sister and their seven children.

He told the Suffolk Gazette: “I didn’t mind, buh. I quite like the smell.”

Petrol Association spokesperson Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “There are still some fuel supply problems in Norfolk.

“In some cases, motorists are driving around searching and this is what seems to have caused the slurry confusion.”

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