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Could football clubs capitalise on the growth of online casinos?

online casinos
Could football clubs capitalise on the growth of online casinos?

Online casino gaming has grown massively in popularity over the past few years and is particularly appealing to us sports fans as many sports betting apps contain casino games within the same app. Many sports fans, therefore, stumble across casino gaming, but perhaps the industry could be grown further and football clubs could filter some of the revenue their way.


With casino gaming already being popular with many football fans, the audience could grow even further if the games had a face or a brand to advertise them. There are many different types of casino games including blackjack and roulette, with being a prime example of a prolific brand with a staggering platform. As a reputable brand establishment, home to a plethora of live casino games, many of which are inspired by current affairs in the sporting world, players are up for a chance at winning an increased amount of cash. For example, football club-themed online games could attract a large audience, with big football teams being marketed as a brand, rather than just sporting teams.

The likes of Liverpool FC and Manchester United rake in the largest revenue from merchandise sales amounting to hundreds of millions of pounds yearly; huge revenue streams are possible simply because the clubs’ brands are so marketable. This is hugely different to a few decades ago, but slowly the game has become more and more of a business and waddled away from its working-class roots.

Merging a successful brand with a fast-growing industry of casino gaming would almost guarantee further growth – more people would be playing the games and the revenue produced would continue to increase. And with football being the world’s most popular sport, footballing brands are some of the biggest in the world even individual players have created reputable brands, for example, Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘CR7’ brand.

The PSG Jordan brand is incredibly popular and worn by people who might not necessarily be fans of the club which demonstrates the power of marketing when it comes to football clubs.

With rumors from of the Jordan brand ending its exclusive agreement with the Parisian club and potentially signing contracts with new clubs, some of Europe’s big clubs could see their brands grow even further, making them even more valuable to potential sponsors.

Football clubs are also set up to have multiple streams of internal advertising available – major clubs could advertise their own online casino game via their own TV Channel and their site which undoubtedly receives huge quantities of traffic. The partnerships alone that clubs would be able to form with the apps that host online casino games would be hugely beneficial, an extra revenue stream could be created for a club, which would be vital due to the strictness of financial fair play

The sites that host the games would also be massively benefited with football fans being a large audience, as well as footballing brands often trending to the point that fans of other teams or people who are not fans of football at all will be attracted by the brand. Overall many major football clubs have grown as brands to the point they are far more recognizable than some mainstream brands in current times; FC Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and many other hugely successful clubs have crests that are known well by all people, not just football fans.

Allowing already successful and popular brands to be the face of online casinos could only be beneficial, and would likely create a huge new audience that would play the games.

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