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Boost your care home move-ins with call tracking

care home move-ins with call tracking

One of the best ways to achieve increased care home move-ins is through the way you structure and execute your marketing, to better engage with prospective residents and their families.

Therefore, it’s equally as important to include effective marketing analytics tools such as call tracking, which offers data that can further boost engagement across each of your marketing channels.

Throughout this article, you’ll learn what call tracking for your care home is, and how it can significantly boost your move-ins.

What is call tracking?

Call tracking is an excellent business software that provides expert analytics on calls from prospective residents , as well as giving an in-depth overview of their engagement throughout your marketing.

The software uses a wide range of detailed call metrics to retrieve extensive data on every prospect’s call. Amongst this data, you can expect things such as the length of each call, the duration of the ring, and the full number and area code of the caller.

Also, with your software you’ll receive thorough insights and reports on various aspects of prospect engagement throughout your care home marketing. You can then use this data to create journey maps.

These maps will help outline the specific journeys that each visitor took through your care home marketing, showing every touchpoint they visited before, during, and after a call.

This data is essential for giving you a far-reaching and complete overview of your marketing performance, seeing which areas are best at generating increased leads and move-ins for your care home.

How can call tracking boost move-ins for your care home?

Call tracking can significantly boost the number of move-ins for your care home in a variety of ways, which include:

– Enhanced marketing content

Call tracking software can help you enhance the content produced in your marketing campaigns, so it’s tailored to what your prospects engage with most.

Using the detailed reports and insights from the software, you’ll be able to see exactly which marketing campaigns and messages are generating the most leads and move-ins, funnelling prospects through the touchpoints.

With this information, you can begin to devise future campaign content that’s based off the content in your already successful campaigns.

For example, your data might help reveal that prospects are engaging more with campaigns centred around the quality of care your staff provide.

You can then focus on creating campaigns with messaging that highlights qualities, such as how professional, caring and qualified your staff are, as this is more likely to draw in and persuade prospective residents and their families.

This will ensure a vast range of engaging content across all your marketing campaigns, and therefore, a higher chance of more move-ins.

– Easily identified leads

Another way call tracking can increase your care home move-ins is through its ability to easily identify valuable leads, and where they are being generated from.

With your customer journey maps – created using data from your call tracking reports – you’ll be able to see where most of your leads are being generated, and which of those leads eventually converted to a move-in.

You might find, for instance, that the majority of leads generated from a specific marketing channel, such as your Google Business profile, are more likely to call and then convert to a move-in.

Hence, prospects visiting through this marketing channel would be considered as your care home’s most valuable leads.

In response, you can focus more of your marketing efforts on your most effective  channels, trying to analyse what about them is so successful at generating valuable leads, so you can potentially develop this even further – thus increasing even more move-ins.

Also, you could consider taking the elements you find in these specific channels and replicating them in others, so you have a vast number of valuable leads being generated across all your channels, significantly increasing your occupancy.

As you can clearly see, the best way to give your care home marketing the fresh boost it needs, and drastically increase your move-ins, is to make sure you incorporate your own call tracking software now.

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