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Sign our petition to stop Chris Evans shouting on Top Gear

The Suffolk Gazette is today doing a Britain a favour by petitioning the BBC to stop Chris Evans shouting all the way through Top Gear.

Millions of viewers are at risk of going deaf because Evans inexplicably shouts throughout the whole Top Gear show, which he presented for the first time last night.

While Jeremy Clarkson was a soothing and knowledgable voice on the programme for years, before being sacked for whacking a producer, the ginger-haired Evans excitedly shouted and screeched as he desperately tried to fill Clarkson’s boots.


Now the Suffolk Gazette has launched an online petition urging the BBC to subtitle Top Gear so we don’t have to put up with Chris Evans shouting loudly anymore.

Suffolk Gazette Entertainment Editor Arthur Aspall said: “We tried to watch the first episode of the new Top Gear last night but had to turn the sound down because Evans was making so much noise. It’s almost as though he thought the show was all about him, rather than any cars featured on it.

“But some people might have been too late to turn the sound down and gone deaf. This is simply not on, and the BBC has a duty to subtitle the show to save the nation’s hearing.”

Chris Evans was unavailable for comment today, presumably (and hopefully) because he has lost his voice.

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