Now Labour promises to bring electricity to Norfolk

By Ian Bred, Norfolk Correspondent

After his extraordinary election pledge of free broadband to every home in the country, Jeremy Corbyn has now promised to bring electricity to Norfolk.

If elected as Prime Minister, the Labour leader says electricity will be made available to every mud hut and treehouse in the backward rural county.

He will need to nationalise UK Power Networks to deliver the election promise, a move that has not gone down well with the markets.

Already, BT shares have plunged after Labour said it would nationalise Openreach and other tech components of the BT empire, much of it based in Suffolk.

** EDIT: Boris Johnson later trumped Mr Corbyn by promising to bring CEEFAX to Norfolk **

Political commentator Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “Bringing electricity to Norfolk is fantasy politics. It will come at a huge expense, and even if it’s done, the locals won’t know what to do with it.”

People in Norfolk still point at cars and think aeroplanes are a devil from a far-off land.

Norwich politician Bubba Spuckler, who lives with his sister and their eight children said: “I’m not sure electricity is a priority. We would like to be connected to sewage systems and running water first.

“There’s no point in Labour just promising the earth. Who’s going to pay for it all?”

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