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Brits back four-day week, so long as it means one day working and four days off

Four-day week in Britain

Hard-working Brits are backing the concept of a four-day week.

They expect to work on a Monday and then take the rest of the week off.

HR consultant Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “All this furlough and remote working has got people thinking that perhaps they don’t need to work much after all.

“Iceland tested the four-day week and it worked well there.

“But British workers are looking at a novel twist on the four-day week.

“They believe they can cram all the work they normally do in a week into one day, leaving them plenty of free time for friends, family, and supporting local hospitality venues.

“Unfortunately, all the bar staff will also be on the new four-day week, so there won’t be anyone there to serve them.”

Worker Steve Walshe, 43, from Woodbridge said: “This seems a sensible solution to destress the working population and prevent burnout.

“We need to get back to work as a nation; one day a week is plenty.”

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