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Basic types of mobility scooters for the elderly

Mobility scooters are used by individuals who are physically challenged and use it instead of a wheelchair. While they can also be used by individuals who are completely healthy and well, individuals who use them can ride them like an electric scooter to make their way around town.

Mobility scooters come in multiple types and options, and can be used for various purposes including medical purposes, travel, or simply instead of a usual electric scooter.

Especially for the elderly, mobility scooters mean a whole lot of independence and comfort in their daily lives. While most elderly have trouble driving themselves around and have to rely on someone else to take them around town to run errands, with a mobility scooter they can easily visit their local grocery store or the mall to get things done themselves.

Not just around town, mobility scooters can also be used to move around one’s home or garden for maintenance purposes easily. To add to this, mobility scooters are also allowed entry in most grocery stores, supermarkets and malls.

Due to the convenience it poses, mobility scooters have been increasingly used by elders in this decade, and the numbers just keep growing. Especially in the United Kingdom, the number of senior citizens using mobility scooters has been increasing day in and day out.

For the elderly who find it difficult to walk around to do their regular chores, mobility scooters bring a lot of convenience and there are a number of types that they can choose from:

3-wheeled mobility scooters: Such scooters are ideal for operating on smooth ground and on smooth terrain. They have one wheel in the front and two in the back. They are ideal for movement in tight crowded spaces and are great for the elderly who are taller and require a lot of legroom. They are also much lighter in weight and a bit less expensive than their 4-wheeled counterparts. However, it is important to note that 3-wheeled scooters are not recommended for use on irregular terrain and on gravel.

4-wheeled mobility scooters: Such scooters are much sturdier than their 3-legged counterparts and can be thought of as small cars without the head covering and just one-seating. They are much stable and a bit more expensive than their 3-legged counterparts. Since they are a bit bigger in the front, they aren’t ideal for use in crowded spaces as they are a bit bulkier. However, they are great for the elderly who have to travel on irregular terrain.

When looking to purchase a mobility scooter for an elderly person, one should keep in mind that they take into account a number of factors: affordability, frequency of use, location of use, etc. Mobility scooters can increase in price and go up to 3500 pounds depending upon the number of added features and functionalities in each. If a mobility scooter is an absolute need for you, you can opt for renting it out rather than purchasing it. Click here to find a list of rates and models of mobility scooters for rent in the United Kingdom.

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