Wednesday, July 3, 2024

£2,500 NHS Nightingale beds going for a song

The NHS has admitted selling thousands of hospital beds worth £2,500 each for as little as £6 at a Suffolk car boot sale.

By Hugh Dunnett, Crime Correspondent

The beds, supplied by medical specialists OSKA, were purchased for use in the temporary Nightingale hospitals. Hastily knocked up during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020-22. Due to the fact that C-19 turned out to be no more deadly than a healthy dose of Alzheimer’s. The beds went unused and have been left to rust in a Suffolk barn ever since.

Private Wealth Care

The specialist NHS beds, which include built-in TV remote control and memory foam armrests, represent a £13 million loss for the British taxpayer. It equates to every taxpayer in the UK giving 41p to OSKA CARE LIMITED for NOTHING.

NHS Nightingale beds

The first UK taxpayers saw of the beds – which may or may not be comfortable (no one has ever laid on them), was when a handful turned up at Cherry Hill Farm car boot sale in Rickinghall, Suffolk, last Sunday morning.

Still in their original bubble wrap, the beds, stacked three high, were advertised for 25 quid each or three for £60. However, after negotiating with the surgeon (in full scrubs and facemask) who was running the stall. I managed to secure two for £6 each – with a box of 250 blue, disposable medical-grade gloves thrown-in.

Seven Nightingale hospitals were set up during the first wave of the pathetic pandemic. The hospitals in Birmingham, Bristol, East London, Exeter, Harrogate, Manchester, and Sunderland. Cost a reported £530 million or billion, and apart from the admission of then PM Boris Johnson, they were barely used. the largest hospital in the capital treated fewer than 60 patients, and the Sunderland hospital treated a grand total of… none.  

Doesn’t it make you proud to be British!

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