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NFN – Normal for Norfolk explained

NFN - Normal for Norfolk explained
NFN – Normal for Norfolk explained

We, at the Suffolk Gazette, love people from Norfolk! Even if they are all a bunch of inbreeds and dumbasses. After all, they make us look so much more normal. Because everything is Normal for Norfolk!


Although the SG would never promote such an outdated stereotype (much), ‘Normal for Norfolk’ is a commonly used term to refer to someone or something that is peculiar, weird, odd, or just plain retarded. It is based on the (probably) untrue perception, formulated and utilized by doctors and Social Services in Norfolk, that the county in the east of England is a hive of backward, small-minded, unsophisticated turnipweeds whose senses of culture, fashion, and art never surpassed that of Piltdown man.

NFN – Normal for Norfolk

In order to quickly summarize a patient’s condition as being relatively normal for someone from the farm-heavy county, Doctors record the letters ‘NFN’ against their personal details. The abbreviation also enables medical staff to share insults and ridicule their patients without being found out.

Plenty of Fish – in the next village.

But is there any truth to the allegation of widespread inbreeding and congenital medical disorders in Norfolk? Of course there is! Just look at a map of the UK. Notice how the towns and villages of Norfolk are much further apart than in other areas of the country. Before the invention of Baron Karl von Drais, Laufmaschine bicycle in 1817, unless they owned a horse and cart, most people could only shag as far as they could walk in daylight hours in a single day.

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