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Woman ‘danced naked through village with carrot between buttocks’

By Hugh Dunnett, Crime Correspondent

A woman who danced naked through a Suffolk village with a carrot clenched between her buttocks was “only trying to liven things up”, a court heard today.

Lorraine Fisher, 34, had grown tired of the slow pace of village life, so decided to give locals something interesting to talk about, Ipswich Magistrates Court heard.

Fisher, a self-employed artist, stripped off and walked out of her quaint, picture-postcard cottage in Bruisyard, near Framlingham, at 1.30pm on Thursday, October 12, prosecutor Steve Walshe said.

“And if that was not enough, she clenched a six-inch carrot between her buttocks,” he added.

Fisher then began skipping along the lane and past the local pub, where members of the Framlingham Rotary club were enjoying lunch.

One diner, retired bank clerk Royston Beevis, 76, couldn’t believe his eyes when the “shapely” artist paused outside the pub’s front door and then wagged her behind, revealing the protruding orange vegetable.

Mr Walshe said Fisher than danced off up the lane and waved at a passing car before turning around and strolling casually back to her house.

Unfortunately for her, the motorist was the wife of local vicar, the Rev Evan Elpuss, who rang the police as soon as she got back to the vicarage.

Two officers from Woodbridge visited Ms Fisher and found her peeling carrots at her sink, still without any clothes on.

She was arrested and bailed to appear before court today.

Emily Lloyd, representing Fisher, told stunned magistrates that her client did not make a habit of stripping in public.

“She had enjoyed a lunchtime sherry or two and the urge came over her to do something daring,” Ms Lloyd said. “She accepts that the carrot was perhaps a step too far.

“She only wanted to liven up yet another quiet day in rural Suffolk, but would now like to apologise to the court. She promises to remain dressed in future.”

Magistrates fined Fisher £250 for outraging public decency, and ordered her to pay £75 costs.

Fisher refused to comment to the Suffolk Gazette outside of court.

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