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Wall Panelling – the 2024 Home Improvement Trend

Wall Panelling - the 2024 Home Improvement Trend
Wall Panelling – the 2024 Home Improvement Trend

If you’re looking to give your home a fresh, stylish update in 2024, wall panelling is the trend you need to get on board with. This classic design element is making a huge comeback, bringing texture, warmth, and visual interest to interior spaces.

Wall panelling has been around for centuries, with its roots dating back to the 16th century when the wealthy used wood panelling to insulate and decorate their grand estate homes. In more recent decades, it fell out of favour as drywall became the standard for quick, low-cost wall surfaces. But now panelling is experiencing a renaissance as homeowners seek more character and dimension in their living spaces.

“Panelling creates such a rich, luxurious feel,” says James Bryant from Cut My. “It makes rooms feel elevated and cosy at the same time. With so many different panelling styles and materials available today, it’s an easy way to add architectural interest and your own personal style.”

What’s Driving the Wall Panelling Trend in 2024?

Several factors are fueling the rise of wall panelling as a must-have design element:

The Desire for Texture

In a world of smooth drywall and minimalist decor, panelling provides a much-needed dose of visual and tactile texture. The depth, lines, and material of panelling energise flat surfaces and make spaces feel more dynamic.

The Craving for Warmth

Many homeowners are moving away from the stark, cold aesthetics of modern design toward warmer, cosier environments. Wood panelling in particular brings organic warmth and rustic charm.

The Need for Character

Panelling is an easy way to add architectural character to builder-basic homes. Raised panel designs, board and batten, and shiplap styles deliver interest and personality lacking in plain drywall boxes.

The Popularity of Accent Walls

Accent walls has been a huge design trend for adding pops of drama and style. Covering an accent wall with panelling is an impactful yet relatively low-commitment update compared to doing an entire room.

Trendy Panelling Materials & Styles for 2024

While wood is the classic panelling material, the options have expanded dramatically to include vinyl, faux stone and brick veneers, and even 3D wallcoverings that mimic the look of panelling. Some of the hottest styles include:


This horizontal plank style evokes modern farmhouse vibes and creates rich textural landscapes. Shiplap panelling is having a major moment in 2024 from accent walls to full room makeovers.

Raised Panels

Crisp, clean lines and a tailored traditional aesthetic make raised panel designs a favourite for living rooms, dining rooms, and home offices. Raised panels come in wood as well as less expensive MDF.

Board and Batten

The timeless board and batten style features wide vertical planks broken up by horizontal battens, lending architectural gravitas. It’s a classic for entryways and hallways.

3D Wall Panels

For renters or anyone seeking a non-permanent solution, 3D wallpaper and tile panels mimic the look of wood, stone or brick panelling without the installation hassle. Peel and stick varieties make this an easy DIY.

Getting the Panelling Look for Less

While genuine solid wood panelling made from materials like oak, cherry, and walnut tends to be pricier, there are affordable ways to get the trendy panelling aesthetic:

Vinyl Planks

Durable vinyl planks that snap together provide the look of wood panelling for a fraction of the cost. They’re water-resistant and easy for DIYers to install.

Wood Composites

From MDF to laminate, engineered wood panels are more budget-friendly than solid wood yet still deliver the warmth and character of the real thing.

Wall Stencils

Using stencils to paint on a plank or panel pattern transforms plain walls and provides the look of built-in panelling.

Removable and wallpapered panels also allow you to embrace the panelling style without a major remodel. With its mix of traditional roots and au courant appeal, wall panelling is quickly becoming the hottest home improvement project for 2024. What are you waiting for? Start designing your own panelled paradise!

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