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Two basic rules of weight loss

The correct weight loss should happen due to the minimal loss of muscle mass. In fact, there are a lot of situations when a person is on a strict diet. Because of it metabolism ( slows down. This leads to muscle loss and also blocks the fat burning process.

Actually, you should have a diet for getting rid of belly fat. You should remember that the basis of any diet is the lack of calories. It is necessary to spend a little more energy than you get from food. Also, the good idea for the weight loss is bodybuilding supplements. It will keep the body in a great state and will help to lose the excess weight and at the same time to build the muscle mass. The best supplement for the weight loss is HGH. By the way, you can find different sources with HGH ( and other supplements for the weight loss and muscle growth.

The second important factor for the effective weight loss is maintaining the high metabolic rate. When you begin to decrease the calorie intake sharply, your body thinks it is an extreme situation. As result, the body slows down metabolism for enough energy. Because of that a lot of people who try to lose weight ( with strict diets note the decrease in the effectiveness in 1-2 weeks.

There are two basic rules for weight loss.

1. Lack of calories
2. High-calorie rate

How to keep the high-calorie rate?

Split Meals

As you understand, you should keep high-calorie rate in order to lose weight. By the way, there are a lot of ways to increase the metabolism. The best method is split meals. Your metabolism will be faster if you eat often with small portions.
You should eat 6-12 times per day.

Physical activity

It is necessary to have the physical exercises for fast weight loss. These exercises can be with weights and also without. Any physical activity accelerates metabolism. The fact is that muscles consume a lot of energy even during sleep.

How should change workouts during the weight loss diet?

There are two views on this issue. One is not to change the workout program at all. The other is to change the program radically and to do more repetitions, sets, and to rest less between them. These both schemes have advantages and disadvantages.

When you don’t change your workout program then it perfectly keeps the size of your muscles during the diet.

It doesn’t matter how difficult you train because the loss of muscles with the diet on losing weight is inevitable. Therefore, one of the goals is to minimize these losses. In fact, you save your muscle mass much better when you continue to train in standard mode.

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