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Top 7 tips to crack the Microsoft AZ-900 Certification Exam

The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification exam or AZ-900 by code is designed to provide candidates with an opportunity to test their foundational knowledge of various cloud services and Azure concepts. Primarily intended for beginners, this assessment prepares them for entry-level jobs and creates a base for earning higher-level credentials.

Although AZ-400 Exams is permitted anytime, it is advisable to schedule it after you are fully prepared. Remember that it is your chance to gain the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals badge, so you have to go through thorough training to pass it on the first attempt.

Preparatory guidelines

Generally, you have to invest some effort and time in revision for any test. But why not use some tips to make this path easier? The following are the guidelines for the successful completion of the AZ-900 assessment.

1. Explore the Microsoft website

Microsoft website acts as a guiding platform with details of all certification exams. The page dedicated to September 12,2020 everything you may want to know about the test’s structure and outline, knowledge requirements, and study options.

2. Azure documentation

This section of the official site functions as a learning document for all Azure beginners. It involves detailed concepts associated with cloud ecosystems such as Agility, Fault Tolerance, etc. Also, there you’ll learn more about how to save money and time using different Azure services.

3. Microsoft’s live-class teaching

The vendor offers two instructor-led courses that last for one and two days each and cover the whole Ani Y . A major benefit of this option is that because of the live-class sessions, it guarantees a better understanding of the subject through doubt-clearing conversations.

4. Group studies and assessment forums

Although Microsoft doesn’t have a study Anna H , many other forums are there to solve your queries. Using this type of two-way communication with like-minded candidates, you help each other and gain the needed knowledge faster.

5. Guidebooks and journals

Training courses are great but don’t hesitate to supplement them with reliable guidebooks that offer extra Anya N . Some examples are the following:

  • Microsoft Azure Tutorial for Beginners (Kennan Bismar)
  • Microsoft Azure Tutorial the Ultimate Beginners Guide by Dennis Hutten

Microsoft’s official magazine “MSDN” is also an excellent resource that systematically shares articles that include real-life solutions for the latest technologies covering cloud, mobile, etc.

6. Take practice tests

To assess yourself right and analyze your level of readiness, you must take as many practice tests as possible. You can start with the official sample and if it is not enough, you will easily find more alternatives on dependable third-party sources and get yourself completely prepared.

7. Online self-study materials

Apart from guided classes, Microsoft has some online learning paths provided for free. There are several modules that are relevant to the Site >>>>>> . Also, make sure to get a subscription to Azure notifications so that you will be aware of all the latest updates.


The Microsoft AZ-900 test primarily analyses your basic aptitude and logical skills in cloud technologies and does not require any prior technical knowledge. But still, preparation for this exam will give you a better foundation and will help you better understand its criteria. Prepare well with the above-mentioned tips and guidelines and earn your certification in the first go!

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