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Tips on Writing Topics for an Opinion Essay

Tips on Writing Topics for an Opinion Essay
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At first sight, it may seem that there is nothing easy as writing an opinion essay and turning to the lists of opinion essay topics for inspiration. This idea is quite controversial since, on the one hand, you feel more freedom since you are not placed in the frames of finding arguments to persuade another person and do not analyze issues looking for pros and cons. But on the other hand, you should have enough ideas and facts to back your thoughts. Another point is that it is academic writing, and obviously, it has a set of requirements to follow. However, do not give up since every situation has a solution, and you may turn to a paper writing service for expert assistance or cope with challenges with our help.

What are Opinion Essay Topics?

You need to understand it’s essential to know how to solve the problem. So, it is worth digging deeper and finding out what is an opinion essay. It is one of the writing types that contain a specific question, the answer for which is the student’s grounded, personal point of view. Sometimes they must turn to reasonable logic and confirm their thoughts with facts and proof and reflect the ideas in accurate opinion essay topics.

Such assignments are rather popular since they are thought-provoking and develop skills of correct thought expression, managing facts to prove their personal opinion, and arranging information logically. The critical difference between opinion essays and persuasive essays is that despite both requiring facts to support the presented point of view, an opinion essay does not strive to persuade the reader but to introduce personal beliefs.

How to Write Opinion Essay Topics?

The structure of opinion essays is well-known for mature writers and has an introduction where you state the opinion, a body part that contains facts, and a conclusion. However, finding a good opinion essay topic that gives room for thoughts and inspires creativity is crucial. Nobody forbids you to appeal to professional writers with standard requests like, “Do my paper” or “Write my thesis” and get a perfect quality paper. However, you may not even imagine how exciting writing can be and how many new things you can discover.

The initial task for students is to write an accurate opinion essay topic as a starting point for writing. So there is a plan to follow if you always want to produce catchy opinion essay topics for your essay.

  • Brainstorm the ideas and stick to a well-known topic that evokes your interest.
  •  Do not select opinion essay topics about which you do not have a clear point of view.
  • Consider facts that you may present in your paper, then select essay topics.
  • Put a catchy question in your essay topics to engage the reader in your thoughts.

Remember that nobody knows the content of your writing before reading, so with the help of your opinion essay topic, you may encourage or discourage the audience from reading. You understand the moment that essay topics are like the hallmarks of your work that must grasp the attention from first sight.

How to Select the Best Opinion Essay Topic?

Opinion essay writing may turn out to be a challenging task if you select inappropriate essay topics. Remember that any writing assignment always presupposes some part of research and investigations to collect facts and ideas for perfect content. Moreover, you should clearly understand that the opinion paper topics should correspond to the educational level of the writer. For instance, the question, “Should government control religious practices?” may be suitable for university students but a bit complicated for secondary school.

If you lack creativity or can not define the best suitable topic, you may appeal to the lists prepared for essay topics by experts and borrow some essay topics and ideas to launch the writing process. We are glad to share our samples and inspire you to write.

A List of Opinion Essay Topics

We are eager to assist you with inventing the best opinion essay topics on any occasion. Skim the following list prepared by professional writers, and you will indeed find some exciting and extraordinary ideas that may be used in your case. Remember to select the theme where you have background knowledge and a personal attitude to the discussed issue. Read and inspire.

  1. What is your attitude toward the changes in the ecological situation during the last decades?
  2. Describe your point of view on social media’s impact on people’s minds and behavior.
  3. Why is it important to care about personal cyber security and not to become a victim?
  4. Can financial awareness grow after visiting courses and training, or is it a matter of self-education?
  5. Do wars impact the global economy, and how to minimize the negative impact?
  6. Has nuclear weapons right to exist in the modern world?
  7. How do celebrities provide new trends in fashion using social media, and are they worth following?
  8. Why do people read less nowadays? Is it related to the appearance of social networks?
  9. Electric cars: a new trend or requirement of time.
  10. Spiritual and material things: what makes people really happy?

Opinion Essay Topics for High School Students

High school students are halfway to adulthood and at the threshold of new opportunities. So, the list of opinion essay topics may be related to numerous issues starting from the educational system to global problems related to the economy and climate. At this period, it is high time for educators to select their future vocation and consider aspects that may improve their learning and life.

  1. Can you save the planet by sorting rubbish?
  2. How can GPT chat and other AI-based technologies assist college students?
  3. What subjects are essential for studying, and what will never be of use in adulthood life?
  4. Is distance learning effective for high school students?
  5. What is the right amount of home assignments for students in a high school?
  6. Content maker, blogger, social media coordinator, and others: can these professions displace traditional ones?
  7. Extracurricular activities of college students: what is popular among learners the most?
  8. Moral aspects of personal relationships between student and teacher in college.
  9. Bad habits: personal choice or collective behavior?
  10. What is your opinion concerning cheating: who do you really cheat?

Some Great Examples of Opinion Essay Questions

Suppose you are still searching to find the best opinion essay topic to your liking and can not decide what to prefer history opinion essay topics or appeal to and investigate some public opinion essay topics. In that case, you may turn to the following list. Here you will grasp some bright ideas to develop in your opinion essay.

  1. Who are the world’s leaders, and what is their role in preventing wars?
  2. What issues impact the worsening of public health?
  3. Do natural disasters a warning of nature stopping damaging our planet?
  4. Is it possible to control our minds with social media?
  5. How can we prepare children for the realities of adult life?
  6. Should sexual education be an integral part of the curriculum?
  7. What is your opinion about same-gender marriage?
  8. Is it possible to avoid genetically modified food in today’s world?
  9. Does suicide solve all the problems?
  10. What do people need to be happy?

A Few Examples of Opinion Essay Ideas

If you really want to dive into the world of opinion essay writing and look inside yourself, you need to select a topic according to your personal liking. Such analysis will help you investigate the essay topic and know yourself better. We offer to your attention some ideas that will not leave you indifferent.

  1. Why do people have different lengths of life? Is it fair to die being young?
  2. My attitude to child-free families.
  3. What crimes deserve the death penalty?
  4. Are we addicted to smartphones?
  5. Do we have a moral right to kill other people from the perspective of war and peace?


Opinion essay topics allow you to think over your personal attitude to minor problems and those on a global scale. The right topic encourages writing and develops considerable skills making people reevaluate their attitude to things and people around them. Moreover, expressing your feelings is a great possibility when there is no wish to talk aloud.

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