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The weirdest casinos in the world

We all have heard of Las Vegas casinos or similar establishments all around the world. However, not all of them are ‘’ordinary’’ or designed in the same way.

Some casinos are special and weird to completely new levels. This is going to be the ultimate list where you can see all of those casinos and learn something about their minimum deposit, offers, and why they are so strange.

Desert Cave

Desert cave hotel is located in Australia. More precisely it is located in Coober Pedy, a small city that is located in a desert. The temperatures are very high and there is strong wind over the city most of the time. This made or better said forced inhabitants to develop establishments beneath the surface. Desert cave is an underground casino where players can enjoy 16 slots, play pool, use the restaurant or simply buy souvenirs. The casino is small but very appealing and comes with all the essentials you are going to need and you will want to enjoy. Technically, it is located inside a sandstone that has huge dimensions.

But not everyone will be able to visit this and other strange casinos. This can be hard due to so many reasons.  Not every gambler can spend enough money to visit such a casino. Many people want to play with minimal spending. In this case, everyone can play online casinos with low deposits. Thanks to $1 deposit casino Canada you can check out the review of the best low deposit online casinos and test your luck to the new limits. The site has been tested by experts and all features, offers and so much more is explained just for you.

North Cadbury court

This is commonly known as the world’s smallest casino and it can accommodate 30 players at the same time. The casino is located in the United Kingdom, in the obvious location, and can be found in a basement of a luxury house. In order to play here, you will need to rent the entire house. In that case scenario, you have access to poker, casino games, and more. You can also enjoy professional dealers and so much more. It is expensive but comes with impressive advantages. This definitely won’t be one of the most popular casinos in the near future, but it will remain one of the weirdest.

Casinò di Venezia

Here is a casino that is located on the water, literally. As you know, Venice is a special city so we wouldn’t expect anything less than amazing. The casino is one of the oldest establishments known to man and one that is so special that we cannot explain it. There are card games of various types, over a thousand slots and so much more. Keep in mind that here, players have been gambling for over 400 years which is stunning. If you like to gamble here, the good size of the deposit can help win big time and also have the best time in your life.

Virtual reality casino

Virtual reality casino is precisely as the name suggests. It is an online casino that requires from you VR headset to participate. It is developed by Slots Million and it is one of the best examples of what modern technology has to offer. Just to explain. This is an online casino but you need to use Virtual reality equipment such as VR Oculus system in order to access it. By using a joystick, you will move around a lobby, pick games you want to play and more. The best thing here is the fact you can access and play games literally at any given moment and from anywhere in the world. You don’t even have to wear an outfit. These casinos are gaining on popularity as we speak and it is likely we shall see many more in the near future. The benefits are obvious.

Esperanza Base

Esperanza Base is actually a base for scientists located at Hope Bay in Antarctica. Luckily for some, scientists from Argentina have created a small casino here. It is located in one of the houses and there are a few, basic games and slots. It may sound like a restricted casino for scientists who work there only, but it is far from that. It is a functional casino that comes with all the perks and all the essentials as any other, small casino. In other words, you can visit the place and gamble here. It is distant, cold and something you won’t be able to get anywhere in the world.

Prison casino

Try and guess where this casino is located. In Canada? No, it is located in Nevada, which sounds like an obvious answer. While many of Canadian casinos are elegant establishments, this one is truly located inside e a prison and reserved for prisoners and guards. Players (inmates) can enjoy Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, craps and even sports betting. The idea was to decrease the attacks inside a prison and to make inmates happier and more relaxed. Considering the fact this casino has been with us for over 30 years and we can deduce they did the right thing.


These were the weirdest casinos in our world. They are special, one of a kind and they come with features, offers, and locations a person cannot even imagine. In a nutshell, these are special locations that combine gambling with originality and so much more. Are they worthy of your time? Definitely yes, as soon as possible.

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