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The UK: Odd people, odd place names

The UK: Odd people, odd place names
Odd place names in the UK

The UK is known for its eccentrics. Here is our pick of the oddest and rudest place names in the UK.

The entire place is full of people who like to wear cats on their heads in July,.eat seven Shredded Wheat for lunch, drive the wrong way down the M11 killing four innocent motorists in a head collision, or read the Wisden Cricketers’ Almanac backwards three times before supper  –  all in the name of harmless, Great British fun. It’s buffoons like these who make it easy for us Brits to laugh at ourselves – just as everyone else does.

The odd Place names

Take, for example, the place names we have given some of our lesser-known towns:-

Wigwig, Shropshire

The birthplace of internationally admired, all-round entertainer, Bruce Forsyth. Bruce ‘Brucey’ Forsyth, purveyor of more catchphrases than popular TV show Catchphrase,.was honoured by his townsfolk in 1973 as a wedding gift to him and his new TV bride, Anthea Redfern, from whom he was divorced six years, and nine toupees later.

Droop, North Dorset

This picturesque hamlet is set amongst unspoiled views of the beautiful Dorset countryside. Its name derives from an 18th Century mayor of Droop who was well known to the local ladies of pleasure. Mayor Jeremiah Smith, who liked more than a large peg or two of dry gin,.often left his female company flummoxed as to what to do with his flaccid mayoral ‘sceptre’ presented to them at the end of a long night in the local tavern, hence the moniker ‘droop’, which gave the hamlet its unflattering, impotent name.

Loose Bottom, East Sussex

Loose Bottom, situated at the border of Lewes and Brighton, is a scenic valley frequented by walkers and people who like dogs, walking dogs, or acting like dogs… with other people… usually strangers to them… who share similar interests.

Great Snoring, Norfolk

You can work this one out for yourselves.

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