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Top 10 most popular sports among students

The interest in youth sports participation is constantly on the rise. Young people love games, and they especially love the chance to let the steam off through an adrenaline-rush, competitive game of sports.

Whether they choose to play basketball, soccer, or golf – the benefits of playing sports are tremendous. There’s simply no better way to keep yourself active and healthy than by playing sports, any sports. That being said, answering the question of what is the most popular sport in the world is an impossible task. We can, however, narrow down the list of choices to the 10 most popular sports among students today.

1.    Basketball

Many people consider basketball to be the most popular sport in the world. It takes the highest-rated spot in terms of sports played by students in America, both for boys and girls. Even those who don’t play it love to watch basketball on a program sport on TV, or attend the games at their college where peers play to win. Compared to soccer and handball that are exceptionally popular in Europe nowadays, basketball is by far the most popular sport in America.

2.    American Football

American football is most popular in America and not commonly placed in other parts of the world. However, interest in this sport is starting to spread. American football is now played in Spain, Germany, Italy, Brazil, and Mexico.

3.    Baseball

Baseball is often referred to as ‘America’s pastime’. It is football’s biggest competitor in the US, attracting quite the big amount of fans of the game, even in student circles. The youngest start by playing tee ball and switch into a league with another variation of baseball as soon as they grow a bit older. When they finally reach an age where they can practice baseball as played professionally and seen on channels like BBC sport, they go for the real, official baseball variant. 

4.    Soccer

Soccer is a fast-growing sport in the US, with an immense interest on behalf of students. It is one of the curriculum activities popular with both genders thanks to the fact that it’s easy to learn to play, and really interesting. But, don’t think that it’s easy to play – it requires quite a lot of activity and critical thinking.

If you want to learn to play soccer, check the student portal to see the activities your academic institution offers. To get the time to practice, get some help so that you don’t lose your grades because of it. If you’re wondering can I pay someone to write my research paper, open this useful resource for help, as well as great research topic ideas online.

5.    Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a greatly popular sport in the US. It was first placed in the 19th century in Canada. Nowadays and in the US, ice hockey is played on a hockey rink and includes six players on each side. The goal is to score goals by shooting on a vulcanized rubber disk with a stick into the opponent’s goal net.

6.    Golf

Golf was first discovered in Scotland in the 15th century. It has 9 to 18 holes that come with a ground for teeing. You play it by using a stick with a pointed head that hits the golf ball to place it into a hole.

7.    Wrestling

Wrestling is one of the modern popular games in the US. It focuses on weight and the goal is to take power over the opponent. Kids aged under 7 can’t start participating in this sport.

8.    Tennis

Tennis is the perfect sport for people of all ages, including students who want to boost their focus and let the steam off. It’s a game that’s played between two players or two teams four in all. The goal is to return the ball back to the opponent without losing it.

9.    Cross Country

This is an athletic sport that has piqued the interest of students today in the past few decades. It’s very active and requires quite the amount of running, for a long duration of time. It is run over natural terrains.

10.    Swimming/ Diving

Aquatic sports are on the rise among American students. These are active sports with tremendous health benefits for those who practice them.


Have you chosen a sport to participate in? You don’t have to limit yourself to a single sport – test the waters and see what works best for you.

Author’s Bio

Elizabeth Skinner is a professional tennis trainer who works primarily with young people such as students. She’s also a nutrition expert, therefore giving people complete guidance in terms of how to maintain a healthy and happy life. If you want to learn more of her useful advice, read her articles online.

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