Friday, May 10, 2024

Fury as mum books strippers for 14-year-old girl’s party

A Suffolk mother has been widely criticized for booking a troupe of male strippers to perform at her 14-year-old daughter’s birthday party.

Liz Bonham-Driscoll booked the cheeky Peachy Boys act as a birthday “treat” for her daughter, Sofia – and ten of her school friends.

But other parents were horrified when told their young teenage daughters had watched the “show” in the back garden.

They complained it was a tasteless example of exposing girls to sexual imagery way too young.

male-strippersFruity: the Peachy Boys in a publicity shot

Ms Bonham-Driscoll was forced to telephone each of the parents to apologise, but insisted she had done nothing wrong.

She told the Suffolk Gazette: “Kids these days see much worse on the internet and on television all the time. It was just a bit of fun.

“I expressly asked the boys not to go ‘all the way’ and remove all their clothes. Each of them kept a jock strap thing on – and all the girls loved it.”

The troupe of four hunky men are based in Essex and usually perform at hen nights. They were paid £500 for their private performance lasting 30 minutes.

A spokesman for the group, who are all aged 26, said: “We did not realise the audience was only 14. We assumed they were 17 or 18 – it’s very difficult to tell these days.”

Suffolk police said they had not received any complaints, and that no crime had been committed since the Peachy Boys had not fully undressed in front of the girls.

One mum whose daughter attended the party fumed: “My girl will not be going around that house again. We are all furious about what happened.”

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