Jay Tabb missing

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Ipswich Town star Jay Tabb has gone missing at the club’s training ground.

The pint-sized midfielder walked onto the pitch and disappeared because groundstaff had not cut the grass for two days.

Town boss Mick McCarthy called in search teams to scour the Playford Road facility when Tabb failed to find his way back to the changing rooms.

“We’re more than a little worried,” said a club source. “Tabbie is quite short, so when the grass grows a bit he can’t see over the top – and we can’t see him.

“He could be anywhere out on the training pitch, and that’s dangerous because the tractor mower could run over him at any time.

“Big Mick wants him in the team on Saturday, so he’s quite cross.”

When he signed from Reading, club staff gave Tabb a machete to put down his shorts during training sessions – just in case he needed to sythe his way off the pitch.

But it’s believed the 30-year-old stopped carrying it after a freak accident caused him to be circumcised in the penalty area.

Anyone who sees Jay Tabb is urged to ring Ipswich Town FC as soon as possible. He is described as being two feet tall, has brown hair, and was known to be wearing a blue top and white shorts.

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