Thursday, May 16, 2024

Scotland team to wear sun hats for today’s scorching Euros opener

Scotland football team will wear these sun hats

Scotland’s pale footballers will wear these sun hats during today’s Euros opener because temperatures could soar to a record 15 degrees in Glasgow.

The incredible heat has never been seen before in Scotland and there are fears the football stars could melt.

Lorraine McFisher, 34, of the Scottish Football Association, said: “Our players are used to playing in sub-zero temperatures for most of the year.

“In summer, we might get the occasional shock of ten degrees. So for the thermometer to hit an expected 15 degrees around the 2pm kick-off time is unprecedented.

“We have secured 11 special sun hats for the players to wear during the game.

“They are those funny ones with the ginger wigs poking out underneath them.”

Scotland take on the Czech Republic at Hampden Park in Glasgow. If by some miracle they survive the heat and escape without a defeat, they will be full of confidence ahead of the clash with England on Friday evening.

“That match had been due to kick-off at 2pm as well,” said McFisher.

“But we insisted it was moved to an evening kick-off so that we don’t have to deal with the daytime sun in the south.”

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