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Rob Banks released

By Hugh Dunnett, Crime Correspondent

Suffolk Gazette Crime Editor Rob Banks will not be charged with bribing public officials, police confirmed today.

Mr Banks had been arrested for allegedly paying a police gardener for information that led to a string of huge exclusives about Suffolk Police’s Apache helictoper – including the fact that it accidentally blew up a vicarage.

He has been held in a cell for more than a week, but police, whose toilets are closed for repairs, say they have nothing to go on.

Banks, 34, from Cockfield, said he was delighted to be released, and was looking forward to getting back to work on the Suffolk Gazette.

“It’s been difficult for my family,” he said. “But the support of the Suffolk Gazette readers has been huge. I know for a fact that the Chief Constable is a keen reader, so that probably helped.”

But the Suffolk Gazette Editor is still to carry out an internal investigation after Banks admitted submitting some dodgy expense claims following his coffee and cakes with the police gardener.

The Editor said: “I will deal with Banks privately. But I will say I am delighted he has been released without charge. He is a fine reporter.”

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