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Qatar bid to host 2030 Winter Olympics

Qatar bid to host 2030 Winter Olympics
2030 Winter Olympics poster released by Qatar

The sports-loving Qatar – oil, and gas-rich country has decided to bid for the 2030 Winter Olympics.

As Qatar has made such an emphatic success of the football World Cup. As exemplified by it alienating the entire gay population of the world. Showing matches when everyone is at work, and charging £12 for a single pint of beer.

Now that a country’s complete unsuitability to host a global sports competition is no longer an impediment. Qatari officials believe that the tiny Arabian peninsula’s bid stands every chance of being successful.

An insider who works in the diplomatic camel fleet of the Qatari government told the Suffolk Gazette.that a special task force has been set up to ‘make snow and mountains happen’ as preparations for the bid get underway. With money being no object, the task force is said to be working on a number of options to ready the country’s infrastructure in time for the games.

If the mountain will not come to Muhammad…

One idea being given serious consideration is to buy Mount Fuji. Currently located on the island of Honshū, Japan, and have it relocated to Qatar. With a summit elevation of 3,776.24 m, Mount Fuji – which is named after the Japanese photographic film company of the same name – would be more than capable of hosting all the skiing events as well as come with its own supply of snow, solving the major problem faced by the Arab nation which natural terrain consists mainly of sand, rock, and diamonds.

Is Winter Olympics possible in Qatar?

A controversial alternative solution to the absence of snow, is the acceleration of fossil fuel production and usage beginning in Qatar and then being promoted around the world. The idea is that with a massive, short-term increase in CO2 emissions, global warming, and climate disaster can be brought about more speedily, resulting in a new ice age that will bring with it,  natural snow and ice to Qatar.  Sounds reasonable.

The blind leading the blind

The Qataris’ 2030 Winter Olympic bid will be fronted by Eddie ‘the Eagle’ Edwards, the short-sighted English ski-jumper and Olympian who came last in the ski jumping event at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. Edwards – most famous for achieving nothing at international level in his chosen sport – is considered by the Qataris to be a good alternative to England footballing flop, David Beckham who is performing the role of ambassador for Qatar Tourism during the current football World Cup.

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