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PC retires after making no arrests in 32 years

policeman no arrests

By Hugh Dunnett, Crime Correspondent

A Suffolk policeman has retired without having made a single arrest in 32 years of service.

PC John Studley was a familiar figure on the streets of Lavenham, a sleepy medieval town with a near-zero crime rate.

The most trouble he ever faced was when an elderly resident had too much to drink and shouted a rude word at a pub landlord.

“I had a quiet chat with him,” said PC Studley, “and he soon went home quietly so no further action was necessary.

“That was 18 years ago and the closest I ever came to having to arrest anyone.”

Speaking after his retirement party, the friendly bobby said nothing much went on in Lavenham, and his presence there was more for reassurance than necessity.

“Some parts of Suffolk do have crime problems, but Lavenham is very quiet.

“They only recently got internet here, so modern crime is a long way off.”

He said that despite the lack of “action”, he had still enjoyed pounding the streets, helping elderly ladies across the road, and directing traffic.

Because of the lack of crime, Lavenham is not one of the town’s taking delivery of a 1970s Ford Cortina patrol car as part of the Suffolk Police Operation Sweeney initiative.

It is also believed that Suffolk Police will not be replacing PC Studley following his retirement.

Local resident Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “He must have been bored stiff.

“But I did once see him chasing a paper bag down the street.”

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