Mother of God! Supt Hastings becomes a priest called Father Ted

Father Ted: Supt Ted Hastings’ new life

By Hugh Dunnett, Crime Correspondent

Superintendent Ted Hastings is found innocent in next week’s nailbiting Line of Duty finale and leaves the police force to join the priesthood, it has emerged.

Supt Hastings is so gutted at being under suspicion in the gripping crime drama that he leaves his glittering career with AC 12 behind and becomes a priest called Father Ted.

Viewers will watch aghast as the Ulsterman exclaims: “Mother of God! I told you I was innocent, so I did.”

He then walks out of the station and the scene cuts to him relaxing in his new parish rectory in a village near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk.

There he tends to the needs of an elderly flock and helps out at local old folks homes.

Television critic Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “Nobody sees this coming. Everyone assumes Supt Hastings is ‘H’, the high-ranking police officer leading an organised crime gang.

“But there is a huge twist which includes the cop being found innocent of all charges. He runs off to the church and now enjoys a new Godly life in rural Suffolk, where he is known as Father Ted.”

Viewers will be able to see it act out for themselves in the cliffhanger, feature-length final episode on Sunday at 9pm on BBC1.

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