Friday, July 12, 2024

MP in a skirt using Basic Instinct ploy to distract Boris, claim Tories

Sexy skirt tactics ‘distract the PM’

A leading opposition MP who wears a skirt on the front benches has been accused of using sexy Basic Instinct tactics to distract the Prime Minister during question time.

Tory MPs say Ian Blackford, who wears a short skirt just above the knee, regularly crosses and uncross his legs in an erotic manner as the Prime Minister is trying to speak.

“It is intentional to try and put Boris off his stride,” a Conservative MP told the Suffolk Gazette.

Mr Blackford is known to be a big Sharon Stone fan. She starred in Basic Instinct and famously uncrossed and crossed her legs revealing more than anyone bargained for.

But the Tory accusations were met with howls of derision from all sides of the house.

A Labour spokesperson, Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “Mr Blackford is just a simple Scotsman. No one should even question his skirt or his looks. We should instead concentrate on the good work he does.

“This sort of sexist, misogenistic tripe is why there are not more Scottish men in the House of Commons.”

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