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Is Ipswich Town on track for back-to-back promotion?

Is Ipswich Town on track for back-to-back promotion?

Ipswich Town, competing in the Championship for the first time in five years, are battling it out at the top end of the table, currently sitting pretty in third spot.

The Tractors Boys are looking for back-to-back promotions and if their on-field performances are anything to go by they have an excellent chance of getting there. They’ve caused quite a stir amongst football fans rising steadily to the top end of the table as they fight for one of the automatic promotion slots currently held by Leicester and Leeds. Odds wise betting sites like Irishbettingsites.ie have given them some great odds on automatic promotion, but as with all betting, this doesn’t mean it’s a certainty.

In their previous five games, Ipswich has won four (two at Portman Road and two on the road)  and drawn one (a 2-2 home draw against promotion-chasing West Brom) taking an impressive 13 points from 15 in a successful streak.  But with 12 matches still to play, is it anyone’s game?

Upcoming game – Ipswich Town vs Bristol City

On Tuesday 5th March, Ipswich Town will welcome Bristol City to Portman Road for an enticing and eagerly anticipated match. The Tracker Boys need a win and will be hoping that Leeds drop points against Stoke in order to claim second spot.

Bristol City and Ipswich Town have a football rivalry known to all, with it starting with their first clash in 1920 – every time they meet it’s an intense atmosphere for fans on either side and one not to be missed!  Historically, bragging rights have been even between the two sides.

However, Ipswich is expected to win this match because they are placed third on the table and Bristol sits comfortably at twelfth, unable to challenge for promotion but safe from relegation. The home side will be hoping for an easy win but Bristol will want to show their fans that they aren’t there to make up the numbers, so expect them to come out roaring.

Why are Ipswich Town doing so well?

There are a few different reasons fans believe Ipswich is suddenly flying to the top of the table including their earlier investments and their manager: Kieran McKenna.

In the previous season (22-23, League 1), the team made multiple smart investments which have paid off this season, bringing in players from the Championship such as Leif Davis who left Leeds to become Ipswich left-back for the hefty price of £1.20m and Dominic Ball who left QPR in the Championship.  Investing in a Championship level team before moving up to this level themselves meant that they were ahead of the game and hit the league running.

The other major reason for their recent success is manager Kieran McKenna. McKenna has masterminded their tactics this season and despite being one of the youngest managers his reputation has only grown since his time with Ipswich Town and we’re sure he’ll keep growing with the team. Ipswich generally seeks to play out from the back before with line-breaking passes into space.  This season’s Opta stats show a distinct improvement in the speed and direct nature of their forward play.

McKenna was a coach at Tottenham Hotspur Academy before moving on to coaching the under-18s at Manchester United and then he became the assistant manager to José Mourinho at Manchester United – he’s got plenty of experience and a lot to offer.

The Premier League

It’s obvious that McKenna and the team want to make it into the Premier League, securing a back-to-back promotion, but can they do it?

Interest in the club has skyrocketed since their new-found success in the Championship, with them making it into the top 3, hoping to grab an automatic promotion slot at the top.

After that incredible flick from Chaplin in their last game, it feels like anything could happen. It only takes a few unexpected results and the table can flip within only a few games.  With Leicester unexpectedly dropping points against Middlesborough and Leeds, even the top spot is potentially up for grabs.

The Tracker Boys are brimming with enthusiasm and apply pressure on the top teams – they have a good chance to take first or second and make it into the Premier League next year.

However, throughout the season, there have been some worries from fans and critics alike that the team may be out of its depth in the Championship, unprepared for the higher-level teams and the challenge they will provide. Still, they are coping well with the stress of a higher league as shown by their place in third next to Southampton and Leeds, both previous Premier League teams.

Ipswich has increased in popularity in areas such as Northern Ireland and if you’re Irish, a fan of Ipswich Town, and like betting then why not add some more fun by betting on Ipswich for their upcoming games or even for the Championship outcome at the website.

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