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Spot the difference: We add realistic touches to Ipswich Vision project

The Ipswich Vision project this week released images of its bold new plan for Ipswich town centre, including pretty walkways, seating and modern fountains.

But we could not help feeling the images were rather too, erm, cleansed to make them believable for Ipswich life.


So your ever-helpful Suffolk Gazette has added some extra items to the photograph to make it more realistic. See if you can spot all the differences


Ipswich town centreLiving the dream: Ipswich town centre


Real Ipswich town centreLiving nightmare: Ipswich town centre

The Ipswich Vision partnership consists of local councils, groups and Ipswich MP Ben Gummer. It intends to make the Cornhill area attractive to visitors and shoppers again.

However, as our photo shows, the reality of life in Ipswich is very different.

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