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How to write papers faster and better: an ultimate guide

Essay writing

Essays play a major role in the lives of college students. Most students write at least three essays per course per semester, and at times they might have four to six essays stacked up needing to be written.

Indeed, the number of essays has only increased in recent years as more learning moves online, where essays are the most common type of assignment. Because students are facing down more essays than ever before, there is a serious problem with students being able to complete their essays on time with the quality that they require. So, what is a student to do when they have too many essays to write and not enough time to write them all?

In this article, we’ll take a look at ways to write your paper better and faster so you can save time and get more work done without sacrificing quality.

Here’s where you should start to write your papers better and quickly.

Read the Assignment

This certainly seems like it would be an obvious first step, but it’s important that you read the assignment thoroughly to make sure that you understand every part of it. While it might seem as though a question leaves a lot of room for you to explore the topic, you need to be sure that you have grasped the limits of the question and what you are asked to do. It is often the case that students don’t have a full understanding of each part of the question or have missed a requirement and as a result produce a paper that is not going to meet all of the grading criteria. If there is anything you aren’t sure about, ask your instructor. 

Review the Grading Rubric

This is another obvious step but one that will save you a lot of time and effort. The grading rubric serves as a map for your assignment, showing you how your instructor will evaluate your paper. Use the rubric to help you focus primarily on the elements of the assignment that your instructor will be looking for. This will save you time by showing you exactly what you need to do without having to pay ultimate attention to every aspect of the rubric. Do what you need to do to maximize points while minimizing effort.

Consider Professional Essay Help

Before you start writing, you should consider getting some writing help from an online expert. When you pay someone to do essays for you, you will be able to save time and improve your essay performance. A reputable online essay service e.g. Write My Paper Hub can connect you with an expert paper writer who will do your academic writing for you. You can use the resulting essay as a model to show you how to move forward quickly and efficiently. Many students are wary about using professional essay writing help, but when deployed correctly, it can be a time saver and a lifesaver. Don’t hesitate to give it a try.

Do Your Research First

You need to research your paper before you start writing so you can save time overall. Most students use the stop-and-start method of writing where a student will begin writing, stop as soon as he or she runs out of information, research a new source, and then keep writing. This is an inefficient way of writing and can cost a student a lot of time and effort because studies have shown that stopping and starting causes us to lose focus and need to go back before we can pick up where we left off. By doing your research first and collecting your sources before you start writing, you can avoid costly starts and stops. Try developing a full bibliography and formatting citations and references before you write to save more time. That way you can simply drop in preformatted chunks of research without stopping and starting.

Outline Your Essay

Outlining can sometimes seem like a waste of time since it won’t be seen in the final product, but it’s actually a great timesaver that will change the way you write essays forever. When you outline your paper, you not only give yourself a guide to help stay on track but also speed up the writing process by working through all of the major challenges before you even start your essay. The more effort that you put into your essay from the outline onward, the faster you’ll be able to write and the better the final product will be. You won’t have to worry about going off on unproductive tangents or about finding your conclusion strayed too far from your introduction. You’ll stay on topic and on task from start to finish, making the whole process much more efficient. 

Save the Introduction for Last

One more time-saving tip is to save the introduction for last. Many students stress about the right way to introduce the paper, and this can give them cold feet about the entire essay process. However, you don’t need to stress about it. There is no rule that says you need to write the intro first. Instead, start with the thesis statement and the body of the essay and wait to write the intro after you’ve finished the conclusion. That way you’ll know exactly where you end up and can determine the best way to set up the paper to take the reader to your brilliant conclusion.

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