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First gay flight attendant expected to come out today

After the first professional footballer came out this week, the first gay cabin crew member is preparing to do the same today.

Steve Walshe, 43, has been operating on short-haul flights for 17 years in the macho world of flight attendant work.

He has been too scared to come out before, fearing what the reaction might be from other cabin crew staff and passengers.

But now Blackpool footballer Jake Daniels has taken the brave decision to publicise his sexuality, Mr Walshe has decided it’s time to do the same.

“Male cabin crew members are macho types and nobody would really believe any of them could possibly be gay.

“But just looking at the stats, it’s ridiculous to think gay cabin crew staff don’t exist.

“Hopefully, my decision will allow a lot of colleagues to feel they, too, can admit to their sexuality.”

Suffolk Airways is proud of Mr Walshe’s decision.

People Officer Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “Well done to Steve. We are all so supportive of his decision to come out.

“Hopefully, this will encourage more gay men to join the flight attendant profession.”

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