Police catch speeding tractor doing 125mph

By Rob Banks, Crime Editor

A Suffolk tractor has been caught doing 125mph along the A12.

Farmer Ernie Ecclestone was spotted by police as he raced along the road near Saxmundham.

Ecclestone, 57, admitted he was speeding in his John Deere tractor, claiming he was late for ploughing his field in Theberton.


The extraordinary 125mph speeding tractor is one of the highest ever seen by Suffolk Police.

A traffic cop said: “We had a car towing a caravan at 115mph last summer, but this tractor was really pushing it. Its rear tyres were smoking.”

Ecclestone pleaded guilty to speeding when he appeared before Leiston magistrates yesterday.

But chairman of the bench, Mrs Margaret Ecclestone, let the farmer walk free after issuing a stern ticking off.

She explained: “My husband assures me he won’t do it again.”

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