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Cold war bunker heats-up Suffolk property market

Cold war bunker heats-up Suffolk property market
Cold War Bunker

A cold war bunker that used to serve as a Royal Observer Corps. monitoring post has been put on the market for £25,000 or ₽1894520 Russian rubles.

The cold war bunker which just looks cold,.was built in the mid-1950s when the threat of a nuclear attack from Russia.was real in the minds of madmen at least.

Nuclear arsenal 3 v 0  Atomic Tottenham

Set in a third of an acre of unsightly wasteland at a secret location, somewhere near Ipswich. The bijou ‘des res’ is proving popular among young, upwardly-mobile professional house-hunters.who want to live in a property ‘with character’ close to transport links,.although not necessarily the mobile Topol-M missile launcher which is parked-up in nearby bushes.

The hidden Cold War Bunker

The terrifying, prison-like ‘home’ (vault) is buried 90 feet underground and is accessible only via a vertical steel ladder (cold) within a narrow, unlit shaft. Other features include a single bed with an itchy, grey woolen blanket. A wobbly metal desk (cold) from which you can telegraph to your comrades.that the first nuclear strike is on its way. And a cupboard in which to keep maps, body bags, gas masks, tea bags, tins of beans, and some porno mags from the 1980s. You could be there for a very long time.

Nuclear plant

Also included in the sale price is a garden of Stinging Nettles which,.if you actually try to use would render your calves and feet utterly useless. Although such injuries would be as nothing compared to the 100% burns, ney,.the entire removal of the outer skin and most of the muscle tissue.which would have resulted had an actual nuclear war taken place there.

Please contact Kremlin Estates for more information.

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