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Eat free biscuits and other things you do in the first ten minutes in a hotel room

Hotel room

It’s an exciting time, arriving at a new destination with places to see and things to do. But first, there’s the hotel room to explore.

Here are the things you will undoubtedly do within ten minutes of checking into your hotel room.

Sit down heavily on the bed

Because you are tired, and as you want to test the bounciness of your bed for the night, you sit down on the bed as hard as you can. Once in the sitting position, you bounce up and down a few times more, making a mental note of how comfortable it must be to sleep in.

Open the mini bar

No matter what time of day you check in to your room, you open the minibar because you are instantly overcome with thirst.

However, once you see the prices for a bottle of mineral water, you close the door again.

Put the kettle on

Still thirsty, you will fill up the kettle, struggling to fit it under the awkward shape of the bathroom tap.

Once you have accomplished this feat, you will make a rank cup of tea using the annoying tea bags on a string and strange little plastic cartons of milk.

Consume the free biscuits

Those rather tired-looking packets of cookies or caramelised biscuits have been sitting on a plate by the kettle for years. But you will eat them within five minutes.

Brits love a freebie. And even though the hotel room costs £200 a night, you think these free snacks are the bargain of the year.

Turn on the TV

Even though you hardly ever watch TV at home, and that you are in an exciting new destination, you really must first turn on the hotel room TV to see what’s on.

You make a careful note of the number of channels and flick through every one before turning the TV off again.

Look in the wardrobe

There is no end to your inquisitive nature as you open the wardrobe/closet and study the number of clothes hangars. You will wonder how the closet light comes on when you open the door before deciding to leave all your spare clothes in your suitcase anyway.

Enjoy the view

You will carefully take in the view of your surroundings out of the window – before closing the curtains in case anyone sees you getting changed.

Pick up the phone

Even though you will never use it, it makes sense to check your room telephone works. You will be relieved to hear the ring tone before putting the receiver back down again.

Go downstairs to the bar

Now, clearly bored, you decide to head downstairs for a drink.

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