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Dinosaur footprints uncovered in Suffolk village

The recent wet weather has unearthed extraordinary dinosaur footprints in Boxford, it has emerged.

Experts say the find is the best example of footprints belong to the rare potholasuarus species since 1976.

They have already marked out the series of Dinosaur footprints with yellow paint so that people know where to look.

Paleontologist Dr Lorraine Fisher, 34, from the University of Suffolk, was excited about the find. She said: “We believe a combination of recent frosts and heavy rainfall has unearthed them.

“They must have been lurking out of sight for hundreds of millions of years.”

Dinosaur prints in Boxford
Dinosaur prints on Boxford road (Photo: Suffolk Gazette reader Mike Hammond)

She noted the haphazard nature of the prints, suggesting the potholasaurus had an unnatural gait.

“These beasts were harmless herbivores but they did gorge on the fruits grown in the Boxford area. At certain times of year, the fruits fermented and the alcohol made the dinosaurs walk oddly.”

Dinosaur footprints will be transferred to Ipswich Museum once studies on site are complete.

But members of the Dinosaurs Uncovered in Norfolk Group (DUNG) claimed the find was not as rare as Dr Fisher says.

Chairman Bubba Spuckler, who regularly cycles around the county, is sure he has spotted similar Dinosaur footprints on just about every road.

“These Boxford prints are a nice example,” he explained. “We believe they come from the Councilcutsic period.”

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