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CSGO gambling explained

You may have come across the terms ‘CSGO’ and skin gambling quite often, possibly due to the rise of eSports and online gaming.

For anyone who enjoys their own forms of gambling, CSGO skins gambling may actually be worth your time and something you could be interested in, once you come to know more about it. CSGO has become quite the thing these past few years, and while we all love the shooting action that CSGO can provide, it is in the gambling that players can actually maximise their experience and what they have to show for their gaming efforts.

Some of the most successful skin gambling sites such as CSGO Book, have managed to really utilise an active player base and attract all the gamers into gambling their skins and trying out the multiple skins games that are available to try out. Once you have read this article, it may intrigue you too to actually head on over there and check out the reason as to why the CSGO gambling industry is growing, and the reason why each consecutive year, it’s hitting higher records in terms of revenue.

Within this article, we will be taking a closer look at the world of CSGO gambling, in addition to everything you need to know, to have a successful go of it yourself.

What is CSGO gambling?

CSGO gambling is where you use the virtual goods you have collected from your CSGO gaming, to bet on the outcome of actual matches that occur in real-time on CSGO. Whether you choose to gamble with some of the most valuable skins, or rather quite the opposite, the outright winner in the gambling matches will walk away with more than what they initially wagered. 

Of course, CSGO sites have their own unique games and gambling options that allow players to gamble their skins through deposits, with the hopes of winning coins too, making the entire experience even more interesting and entertaining for most players in the CSGO community. The gambling phenomenon has really allowed CSGO to thrive, as it really pushed further the possibilities of players enhancing their skins and goods access within their gaming experience.

What are the most popular CSGO Games 

The most popular games for the community right now, are the following titles:

  • Roulette
  • Coin Flip
  • Skin Jackpot

These games provide players with more opportunities to redeem profit and ultimately enhance their gaming experience within CSGO.

Coin Flip 

The game methodology and mathematics behind the game coin flip is essentially the betting on a 50/50 outcome. While this is very simple and does not require too much thought or mathematical understanding, many skins get circulated through the bets within a coin flip and can therefore help a lot of players to easily gamble and create larger returns of skins than what they originally were able to make. So, while it may seem very straightforward, players enjoy the simplicity of it all the same!

Skin Jackpot 

This has the most adrenaline attached to it when players try it out. Many players use this game as an output and way of pulling in the most instantaneous and large profits all at once. While the odds are not as difficult as multiple casino jackpot games nowadays, the proportions of what players could win, still make it all the more worth it and exciting to play. 


Roulette at CSGO gambling sites are pretty much a rip-off version to modern-day online casinos, and that is the hard truth of it. While there are minor adjustments and simplicities made to make the game more appealing to CSGO gamers, the chips used are of a different arrangement in colour, which makes it a first sight, a different game. Within certain scenarios, red will represent the CT-side, while black is the T-side. 

The payouts for this will depend on the colour of your stake. For example, black and red dictates double your stake, green however will multiply it by 14 in total. Making it the ultimate prize and gamble for the CSGO community. 

Pick a licensed safe site 

While the CSGO community is growing by the day, it is very important that you prioritise your selection of a safe site. Many CSGO sites are fully licensed, secure and have all the appropriate customer support leads to ensure the playing community is taken care of. However, this does not apply to all sites. So, before you commit to depositing your skins in one, make sure you do a full background check, to ensure that the site you are visiting is not fraudulent and can be fully trusted.

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