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Christmas gifts your Norfolk simpleton friends will love

Regular readers will know that the Suffolk Gazette is extremely fond of Norfolk. It’s why we have produced some special Norfolk Christmas gifts that IN NO WAY TAKE THE MICKEY.

Purchase any and more of these beauties from our sister printing empire, dirtyoldgoat.com – and you will make someone from Norfolk very happy this Christmas as they gaze lovingly into their brother’s/sister’s eyes.

First up, the ‘Norfolk, where Bob is not necessarilly just your uncle’ mug, which comes with a free handle that you can almost fit six fingers through.

Next, we have the ‘For the benefit of Norwich fans, this is a cup’ mug. Yes, we know Norwich are top of the Championship and Ipswich are, well, let’s move on. But they have still never won anything while Ipswich have been European and English champions. So there.

Being nice for one moment, here is a football mug those numpties might actually enjoy. You can be kind at Christmas. It’s the ‘On the ball, City’ mug. Yuk.

If you know anyone who, for some inexplicable reason, is going to visit or, perish the thought, move to Norfolk, you might like to give them this handy ‘How to talk Norfolk mug’.

This one works just as well in Suffolk but they tend to utter it in Norfolk, too. Usually when they try to pile turnips on top of one another (it’s a big Norfolk sport).

Finally, if you feel inclined to teach someone from Norfolk how to speak properly – an impossible task, we appreciate – then send them this ‘How to talk Suffolk’ mug.

We hope that has given you some excellent Christmas gift ideas for your Norfolk simpleton friends.

All our mugs are produced to order right here in Suffolk and are exclusive to dirtyoldgoat.com – visit the website for the full collection, some of which are repeated below.

We toddle off to the Post Office with your mug within one working day. The Royal Mail then does its thing – please be aware delivery times are already under pressure, so get your orders in now!

Full mugs collection

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