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Casino thrills without spending money

Perhaps you have thought about playing slot games but are put off by the financial risk of a casino. Maybe you believe everyone is spending their money rashly, and probably losing more than they can afford. But there is a way for you to enjoy the thrills and spills of slot games without having to spend anything at all.

Social slot gaming has been around in various formats for some time now, made popular by ever-improving technology of mobile and tablet devices. Games appeared on the social media platforms, and then others were developed in bespoke apps that you downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

However, technology also now allows casino games, slots, in particular, to work really well on mobile devices via your usual mobile browser. It allows desktop computer and laptop gamers to join mobile users in the same games.

Where once you got to play a single game time and time again, now you can experience hundreds of challenging games in a real online casino environment, and it’s absolutely free.

You can play hundreds of free online slots and have a blast doing so, knowing it’s risk-free and you have nothing to lose.

You may think there is no challenge, so what’s the point? The fact is that modern slot games are hugely entertaining. There are different features, bonus rounds, games within games and more. If you’re using play money tokens to spin the reels, it really doesn’t matter if you don’t win. The fear of losing is removed, and you can simply concentrate on having a bit of fun.

Progressive rewards

Even though the cool graphics, cinematic music and bonus gameplay is entertaining in itself, many modern social slots sites include a progressive loyalty programme in the mechanics of the site.

That means that when you first join, you might only be able to play on one or two of the slot games. But as you gain daily bonuses and increase your play token bankroll, you unlock new games to try. Play often and experience more, all for no outlay at all. Of course, you can often purchase tokens to use on various social site features, but unless you blow all your tokens recklessly, this should not be necessary.

The sites are called social for a reason. Okay, they started on social media, and you can still play on sites like Gambino Slots from your Facebook account. But there is a social element to the sites, too.  You might believe playing on slots is a solitary experience. In a real-life casino, it is. You sit there, feeding the machine with your money and you talk to nobody.

But in social slot games, you really can be social. For example, you can share your achievements on your social media channels and give away free money coins to your friends. In return, they might give you free coins back.

It all comes together to feed a virtual economy that runs on freebies but provides exceptional fun.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to play the slots in glitzy Las Vegas, then wonder no more. You can do it for free, from the comfort of your own home, without splashing out on expensive flights, hotels, casino food and more. There are not many things you can experience for free, so why not give social slots a try and see what all the fuss is about?

Some might want to step up a gear and play for real money at some point, but our experience is that most players are happy to find a cool social slots site and stick with it.

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