Golf giant celebrates Ryder Cup by sponsoring nuclear power station

By Sandy Driver, Golf Correspondent

Golf ball manufacturer Titleist has celebrated the start of the Ryder Cup by sponsoring Sizewell B nuclear power station, we can reveal.

The company today painted its famous logo on the giant Sizewell dome, which dominates the Suffolk coast skyline and is referred to as a huge golf ball.

Income from the ad deal is put at £20 million over three years, much of which will be pumped into the local economy, such as second homes for Londoners and the manufacture of men’s red or mustard-coloured trousers.

Lorraine Fisher, 34, head of nuclear power at Sizewell, said: “The Ryder Cup in France might be dominating the golf news today, but this Titleist advertising deal ensures Suffolk remains ahead of the game.

“We felt this was a great PR opportunity, and the sponsored ‘ball’ will raise money for the area, as well as attracting tourists.”

A spokesman for Titleist said: “It’s rather large, isn’t it? This is one golf ball you could never lose.”

Plans are still being discussed for a Sizewell C power station, and already planners are insisting on a football-style dome to attract sponsors such as Nike.

The Ryder Cup, between the United States and Europe, began at Le Golf National in Guyancourt, a suburb southwest of Paris, this morning.

Today’s golf news is the biggest in Suffolk since a club announced it was installing undersoil heating to beat the winter weather.

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